Wellness Education that Motivates and Works

Get your employees on the path to wellness

A healthier workforce equals a healthier bottom line. If you want to increase productivity, reduce health insurance and Workers Comp costs, improve morale and decrease absenteeism, Fit For Ever’s wellness education programs are the answer. Our wellness course, “The Realistic Approach to Better Health,” is available as a one-time seminar or an 8-week course:

  • BBT Seminar – This fast-paced 30- to 45-minute seminar will get your employees focused on the basics of stress and time management, good nutrition and regular exercise. This can be a stand-alone motivational wellness class, or, as a follow-up to the awareness screening program, can be used as a time to distribute and discuss the individualized wellness plans.
  • Wellness Classes – Research has shown that it usually takes 45 to 60 days to form new lifestyle habits. Our 8-week wellness course capitalizes on this. These wellness classes, which are held onsite before, during or after the work day, give participants the information and motivation they need to get and stay on the path to wellness.

The starting point of the wellness course is the awareness screening. Each participant receives an individual health and wellness screening during the first week of the program. Classes are then held during weeks 2 through 7. At the first wellness class, participants are given their individualized wellness plans (created based on the information learned during the screening) plus a workbook. During each class the instructor, Rick Reghetti, provides information and motivation about specific wellness topics, and leads discussions regarding the successes and challenges that participants are experiencing. A second round of individual health and wellness screening appointments are held during the 8th and final week of the course. At these appointments each participant immediately receives their test results and has an individual consultation with Rick about their going-forward wellness plan.

A “realistic approach” is the key to success

These wellness education programs work because they encompass all aspects of wellness (not just weight management), they’re extremely motivating and they’re based on gradual – rather than drastic – lifestyle changes. To learn more or schedule a free consultation, call today at 949-412-6221.